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Camsoda Review in 2021- Should You Pay?


If you are on the lookout for a cam site that will provide you great adult entertainment with fresh ideas and new energy, then you need to consider trying out Camsoda. The site promises enough sexually explicit material to ensure that all your fantasies are taken care of. Upon opening the site, you will get a pop-up message that will inform you that you are about to view explicit content.

You will then be required to confirm if you are above the age of 18. Once you have confirmed, you will also be notified that you are about to encounter free webcam models and then given access to the website’s content. The website is full of models that you can find streaming online.

Therefore, if you happened to find yourself on this site looking for such content, then you can rest assured that you have landed at the right place and you can access all this content free of charge.

How do I log in to Camsoda?

If you are one of those people who go to the page for content only, then there will be no need for you to create a free account. This is because you can still be able to watch all the photos, gifs, and videos without the need of having to log in. Besides accessing this content without being logged in, you still can proceed to create a free account with Camsoda and it only takes a very short time to create the account.

For registration, you will be required to provide a nickname, your email address, and a password. After entering these details, you are supposed to agree to the terms and conditions of the site by clicking inside the checkbox provided.

You will then be taken to another page that will prompt you to buy tokens. This is because the site is token-based and users will be required to purchase tokens for them to access additional features and get performances from the Camsoda models.

For a start, you will be given the opportunity of purchasing 50 tokens for free. You can still skip this step if you are not interested in the offer.

However, you will still have the opportunity of watching short length videos or even gifs. You can then return later to purchase tokens if the need to do so arises. When purchasing tokens, there are details that you will be required to provide like your credit card information

. It will also still be possible for you to provide additional details on your profile at a later stage whenever you feel the need to do so.

How is Camsoda’s Interface?

Once you have registered your account, you will now be able to view some short length videos and also pictures of the models doing a lot of naughty stuff via their webcams. This is a great opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the page and see what the site has to offer before deciding on whether you shall buy tokens from the site or not.

What are the homepage features?

If you scroll further towards the end of Camsoda’s homepage, you will find a message informing you that the site allows you to watch unlimited videos; hence there is no need for you to worry about lack of variety in their collection especially if you own a premium account.

At Camsoda, you will find videos of models taking showers, porn stars, top models, models having sex online, and even sleeping.

The best thing is that you can watch this content for free. However, you will constantly get pop-up messages offering you the chance to purchase coins for you to enjoy more content and access the full videos. You can simply skip the pop-ups to continue enjoying the free content made available for you.

The Interface

The interface is characterized by a pinkish and bluish design that makes the site come out as girly. You will also see a running line notifying you about that particular day’s show; hence you can choose to view it.

Below this line, you will also encounter other tabs that in no particular order include: New, Top Rated, Voyeur, Cam2Cam, followed, Spy Show, Control her, Ticket Show, Scheduled private, Transsexual, Men Couple, among other tabs that you can choose from according to your preference. At the very top of the page, there is a menu that includes stream live, top videos, my media, among others.

What are the features of Camsoda?

The major feature of Camsoda has to be the ability to view its content, and also the fact that it is free for you to view at any given time. Most of this site’s unique features can be found towards the top of the page. Some examples of Camsoda’s exclusive features include:


This feature allows you to browse through some of the site’s top-rated clips and you can also buy any clips you love using your tokens. Most of these clips are very sensual and a majority of them are sex videos.


Voyeur is a feature that lets you observe shows that are recorded via a webcam. With this feature, you should expect to come across a lot of sleeping models, and also beds that tend to be empty.

Other things you can see under this feature include videos of models enjoying their showers and also others just having fun while at home alone. So if you are into spying other people, or just interested in observing other people’s day-to-day routines, then this feature will serve you with everything you need to satisfy your fantasies.

Spy show

This is mainly a private show that allows you to spy on a model, mostly in private. The difference between this feature and voyeur is that when using voyeur, the models being watched usually have no idea of the actual number of people watching them.

With Spy Show, you and the model always know what is exactly going on at that particular time. However, for you to use this feature you will be required to spend a total of 2,000 tokens.

Remote control 

This is a feature that will ensure you have an improved experience with the models of your choice. It gives you the chance of spending tokens in order for you to give some instructions to the model and the model will do anything you ask her to.

This is one of the best virtual adult entertainment experiences you can encounter since it lets you interact with the models just the same way you would do if you were physically close to them.

The bottom line is that these features and the other many features offered by this site revolve around watching models having sex and fun in general and also allowing you to spy on the models.

How do I sign up to be a model?

If you have come to Camsoda looking to register as a performer, then there is also an option for you to sign up as a model. This is a great opportunity for you to earn tokens as well as money that is generated through your performance.

All you have to do is adhere to all the rules they have put in place and you will become a successful model on their platform. Keep reading to find out some of the things you should expect once you become a model:

  • You will be provided with eligible health insurance support
  • You will get the opportunity of selling your adult movies, pre-recorded private shows, and even your pictures at your desired price.
  • Your content is always protected from theft and being used by any 3rd parties without your consent.
  • Country of origin will always be protected; hence you can be sure that you will remain anonymous and be as discreet with your actions as possible.
  • The payout is done every week and you are entitled to 55% of the revenue share.

How many models are there on Camsoda?

Currently, the exact number of Camsoda users is not known. However, looking at the main page of this site gives you the impression that there is quite a good number of stunning profiles.

You can then identify some of your favorites so that you may save them and easily access them in the future. Female models across the world always share some of their sensual content on the site and also they are usually ready to share their other erotic videos and photos with you.

What is the quality of models on Camsoda?

Since there are a lot of models streaming and releasing new content every other day, it is best to identify and save those you think are the best so that you may always come back to check them out whenever you feel like.

There is free content that you can enjoy on this site and also if you want to enjoy more of it including the advanced features, then you should consider buying tokens.

Judging by the consistency at which the models upload new content, then you can rest assured that the quality of the models is up there with some of the best. Most of the models provide shows performed in front of their webcams giving you the chance to see what naughty things they are doing.

Therefore, rest assured that you will be able to see any type of content you would like and most of it is accessible free of charge. For similar cam sites look at Cam4, Camrabbit, Stripchat, Livejasmin, Imlive , Bongacams and Myfreecams



Camsoda Models

What Types of Members on Camsoda?

When looking to join this site for your adult entertainment, you have the opportunity of joining as a free member where you can enjoy some content from models without having to pay anything.

All that will be needed from you is just to sign up for an account and then you will have access to this content. However, if you would like to have more content and unlock more features on this site, then you will have to purchase tokens.

Using Tokens

You can then spend these tokens to access more videos, more privileges, and a lot of private experiences with the models.  The last types of members on this site are those who sign up with the sole purpose of sharing content on the site.

Their duty is to share and post new content that will entertain viewers and at the same time earn them money and tokens. They are usually paid on a weekly basis by the site.

How to communicate with models on Camsoda?

If you would like to communicate with a model on this site, then one of the best options to consider is by purchasing private control with the model so that you may get the opportunity to instruct her to do whatever you would like her to.

Spend a total of 2,000 credits and get it. This site also comes with a press, Camsoda Fans, and a blog that gives you the chance of reading some blogs and also sharing your experiences with other users.

What are Camsoda Costs?

If you are interested in getting access to more features and enjoying a lot of exclusive videos, then you should upgrade your membership. You can opt to become a monthly subscriber where you will be charged a total of $19.95 per month and you will also be given a total of 200 tokens. The table below shows the cost of tokens on this site:

Price Number of tokens
$5.99 50
$10.99 100
$20.99 200
$49.99 550


As seen from the above table, the tokens do not come cheap. However, if you are looking to take your experience to another level, then it is worth a go.

What are the benefits of a Camsoda free account?

If you register with a free account on Camsoda, then you do not have to worry about too many limitations since you still have an opportunity of watching all the content on the site. All videos will be accessible to you with the only drawback being that the videos are short-length.

You will not be able to watch the full content, engage in private shows, or even communicate with the models. Therefore, you can take advantage of this free service to familiarize yourself with the site before deciding whether to buy the tokens or not.

What are the benefits of a Camsoda Premium account?

If you sign up for the premium account, you will be given free 200 tokens to kick you off. However, there are not a lot of things you can do with these tokens; hence it will be a good idea for you to purchase more tokens that will enable you to unlock or purchase more features. Several benefits that come with the premium account  include:

  • Private messaging
  • Changing the tip volume
  • A one-time bonus of 200 tokens
  • An interface that is free from ads.

Camsoda security

Camsoda put in place some strict rules that govern its models. Some of the details you will be required to provide when signing up include your ID so that your account may be verified.

One advantage of having a verified account on this site is getting more than 5 transactions per day. They also have an anti-scam policy that helps in the protection of your personal data. You can do this by observing the following protocols:

  • Reporting any users from this site who tend to request for your private information, money, or credentials.
  • Do not share your personal credentials with your fellow members.
  • Not providing your personal information on the site.
  • Don’t give out your credit card or ID information to fellow members.

Customer support

This site comes with a dedicated page that is specially designed to offer you any kind of support that is related to your membership details and billing issues and you can be assisted within a very short time.

Mobile App

Camsoda also has its own mobile version and you can download and enjoy all the fun at the palm of your hand. This app has been designed to make it as user-friendly as possible and it acts as a great solution to people who prefer using their mobile phones for virtually anything.


Reviews for this site, you will notice that it is specially designed to help mostly those people who have just had a long day and are looking for ways of relieving stress. Therefore, if you are one of those people just looking to unwind with some great adult content including adult webcam videos from models of your choice, then you should definitely consider checking cam soda out.